Two Feet and Classy: The Movie

Two Feet and Classy premiered at the Carolina Surf Film Festival in October 2014. The film closed to festival with an audience of over 600 viewers. They were honored to walk away with the Audience Choice Award.


Two Feet and Classy is a film about traditional longboarding in Folly Beach, SC, showcasing the talent of the best local longboarders, both amateur and pro alike, from our great folly beach community. Inspired by a quote by Wingnut, a couple local surfers got together and decided to create a short film celebrating the good, the bad, and the ugly of their local surf break and the quirky, kooky vibe of the local community: “Surfers need to learn to love the waves they have, because every spot has its day where it’s just as good as the top breaks in California and almost as good as some of the best breaks in Hawaii. So love your spot. It’ll treat you good.” - Wingnut, The Art of Longboarding


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