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“Dude, we should totally make a surf flick...”


Two Feet and Classy began as a casual chat between surf buddies Patrick Willey and Chris Sizemore. After eight short weeks of frenzied filming, editing, and shenanigans, they emerged with a headlining film that won the Audience Choice Award at the Carolina Surf Film Festival.


On the surface, TFAC is a film about traditional longboarding on Folly Beach, but as Chris and Patrick began filming, they found a passionate community who take their fun very seriously. In many ways the film brought people together. Surfers in the lineup who usually sat silent, waiting for the next wave, began to talk to each other about the movie. Friends and strangers offered help and encouragement. There was a buzz on the street and a solid swell on the horizon. Folly’s favorite son, Foster Folsom, sums up the passion best in a scene from the film: “It’s the stoke...”


Building on the momentum of Two Feet and Classy, the movie, Tanya Boggs and Patrick Willey, a husband and wife team, founded Two Feet and Classy Productions to make surf and lifestyle films. The two are currently working on a new project, a film about the next phase of their lives after their daughter leaves for college. Sixteen years of marriage and the toughest years of parenting behind them, they are heading West for the Pacific to Mexico. Traveling in a classic 4x4 Toyota van the two commit to an epic road trip with a young newlywed couple. And in the fall of 2016 they’ll do it again traveling from Florida to Nova Scotia. Follow them as they search for waves, new friends, and a great story.

Patrick Willey

Patrick Willey (aka Chodes Mahoney) was raised with a love for the water. Born in Richmond, Virginia, his father taught him a life of fishing whether on the James river, at the Outer Banks or off-shore. Having developed a passion for the water, Patrick worked as a first mate and then a captain on sport fishing boats in South Carolina and later became a fly fishing guide in Colorado. Patrick had always loved photography, and after discovering his natural talent and connection between both the water and the art of creating videos, he began to create marketing videos for small businesses. Upon returning to Charleston, SC after years of being away, Patrick was able to find a place to merge his love for the ocean and his passions: videography, surfing and all things water.


NESKA is his acronym for life, whether he’s surfing, riding motorcycles or behind the camera, he is always striving to Never Ever Stop Kicking Ass.

Tanya Boggs

Tanya Boggs has been an artist her entire life. After years of training as a modern dancer, she discovered her love of photography and later went on to receive an MFA in photography. Tanya's life has been shaped by her impulse to study art and to inspire and teach others to appreciate the craft. She has taught photography workshops and college classes nationwide and her fine art work has appeared in galleries and museums throughout the United States and Canada.


When she's not in the studio, Tanya spends her free time riding motorcycles and surfing - hobbies that bring her just as much joy as her work. These pastimes are centered around a love for adventure, friends, good conversation, and a lot of laughter.


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